"V" Solids - V1, V2, V3. (1960-61)


Hofner "V" Solid - First Series

The "V"-range of guitars, together with their European equivalent 171/172/173 range, were Hofner's first attempt at a "quality" solid guitar, as opposed to the budget level Colorama/160-4 range which pre-dated the V's by three or four years.

The first series of V1, V2, and V3 solids (one, two, and three pickups respectively) were introduced into the Selmer catalogue in 1960. Hofner considered their design to be so radical that the company took out a patent specifically for these models. They featured as standard a vibrato unit specifically designed for the guitar, and a set-neck rather than the bolt-on cheaper alternative. The neck joint, three-piece neck, the zero fret, and the heavily raked-back headstock certainly related back to Hofner's archtop-making heritage. The only finish available was a brown/yellow sunburst in nitrocellulose. It was all as though Hofner were rather reluctant to follow the main-stream manufacturers in producing those awfully common "planks", as the luthiers in Bubenreuth refered to them. That attitude would soon change though!

By the end of 1961, Hofner made the decision to go with all the rest, and so the second series of "V" solids appeared, complete with pointed body features, bolt-on necks, zero frets, and one piece necks. The first series disappeared from view at that time.

Probably the most famous V3 Solid player is Chris Rea. The V3 was Chris' first ever guitar, and he still owns and plays it!

"V" Solids - V1, V2, V3. (1960-61)

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