Hofner Vintage Showroom

Our Vintage Showroom is here to give you a flavour of the guitars that are part of the Höfner heritage. Our archive, recently overhauled and fully catalogued, contains many old black and white original images that were taken for use in catalogues and advertising. We have included these as they form part of our history and are the definitive images of many models. Over time we will be adding further images taken from our catalogues, archives and supplied by collectors of Höfner guitars.

The Vintage Showroom is not intended to be a technical reference point for every model we made, instead it is here so that you can take a look at the models we used to make from the 1930s up to the 1990s. Not every model is represented in the Vintage Showroom simply because we have, over the years, made a lot of models, rather too many to include them all here.

If you are researching a vintage Höfner guitar then you might use the Showroom to help identify it and learn a little more about it. If you can't find your guitar here then we recommend that you visit Steve Russell's Vintage Hofner website where there is a great deal of information, model by model, year by year.

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