4550 (1954 - c1970)

Hofner Model 4550 Archtop

A large-bodied (17" lower bout) archtop. This guitar has the same general features of the medium-bodied (16" width) Hofner 456 archtop, with which it is often confused.

Another confusing aspect of the 4550 is that it was given a name which later would conflict with the model numbering system used for Hofner's thinline archtops. Thinline models tended to be given numbers with a "0" added to the end of the corresponding full-depth bodied archtop, e.g. the 4570 was the thinline version of the 457 model. The 4550 was definitly a full-depth (80mm) bodied archtop, however.

As with the other mid-range Hofner archtops, the 4550 had many detail changes over the years to such items as headstock decoration, body hardware, and finish. However, the basics of the large body with its maple top with flamed maple back & sides remained constant.

A selection of electrical factory options were available from around 1954 onwards, including one, two, or three pickups and also active electrics from the late 1950's.

4550 - 1956 4550 - 1963

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