Galaxie (1964-c1971)

Hofner model Galaxie.

Probably Hofner's most famous solid guitar, the Galaxie was the Selmer UK version of Hofner's 176 Solid, which catered for all other markets. It superceded the "Super Solids" range of good quality guitars that Hofner had supplied to Selmer until late-1963.

The easiest way to tell the difference between a Galaxie and a 176 is that the 176 has a tone-modification control (chicken-head knob) on the lower body cutaway, whereas the Galaxie does not. Oh......and the Galaxie is the only one of the two to have a Selmer serial number, stamped into the rear face of the headstock.

The Galaxie had a good-looking off-set waist body, which was generally finished in red lacquer, although some were produced with a red vinyl finish and a few of the later ones had a sunburst finish. The pickguard was always black faced with white edge. The bolt-on neck was 1-piece maple, with a bound rosewood fingerboard. Single enclosed tuners were fitted, and the fret markers were the celluloid multiple strip type.

Three pickups were always fitted to the Galaxie, and each of these were controlled by an individual slide-switch and an individual tone control. A master volume control and a solo/rhythm slide switch worked across all pickups. The volume and tone controls were rather special in that they were of the "radio" type, rather than conventional rotary control knobs. Hofner's own built-in vibrato tailpiece was fitted to all Galaxies, together with a fully adjustable bridge which incorporated a string mute. All-in-all, this was a guitar for control freaks and technocrats!

The Galaxie sold well to mainly amateur and a few semi-professional players, but unfortunately US-built guitars were starting to reach the UK in significant numbers at the time of its launch. This prevented the Hofner solid from selling quite as well as it deserved to do.

(Image courtesy of Peter Dommett)

Galaxie - c1965 Galaxie - c1965

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