176 "Solid De-Luxe"(1964 - 83)

Hofner Model 176 "Solid De-Luxe".

The 176 model was an up-rated version of the 175(i), which it replaced during 1964.

It allowed individual switching of each pickup to provide a total of seven pickup combinations compared to the 4-way selector switch on the 175. In addition, an overall tone switch (Treble-0-Bass) was built into the circuit. The Rhythm/Solo switch on the earlier version, like on the 175, was not adjustable. Many of the early versions, again like the 175, had bodies finished in vinyl of various colours and patterns.

The 176 had a long production period, with very few changes other than the dropping of the vinyl coverings and adoption of polyester finishes throughout, and the adoption of a screw pot for the balance adjutment of the Solo/Rythm switch. The guitar finally disappeared from the Hofner price list at the end of 1983.

A similar model called the "Galaxie" was supplied exclusively to Selmer UK, also from 1964. This tended to be finished in either red cellulose or red vinyl, and was not fitted with the Treble-0-Bass tone switch. It remainded available into the early 1970's.

176 - c1969

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